refugees rebuke

Refugees Rebuke

Today your life is shining

You are young, you are strong, 

And you're high


You’ve been flirting with destruction

In her arms you are not shy


Keep dancing with disaster babe

But don’t expect relief 

You can only go so far in this direction

Before you find out what it means


So you had to leave your home 

Believe me, I understand

You’re going to need a place to hide soon

You’re going to need a helping hand


Don’t bite the hand that helps you babe

Don’t try to pass the blame

You’ve made the move now move on

I’ve had to do the same


When you find you’re always losing

And you find yourself on your own

You better take an honest look now

You’ve got to carry it

Or else let it all go


In the halls of the sublime

We took the potion passed all time

Watched as the fragments danced

Yesterday tomorrow

We tasted joy and sorrow

Saw they are the same at second glance