I’m no good

what does that even mean?

I’ve got scars where my hands 

have been tied to the machine 

I was stolen from nature

but I’m bound to explode

no one can tell me how not to go


I’m so hot till I’m cold

there will be stones in my eyes

as the present unfolds

I keep watching the skies

I’m around but I’m square

I’m old but I’m spry

deep down inside 

I can’t help wondering why


I’m no good

I’ll be watching you fall

won’t go for a little 

as I’ve come for it all

I suffer terrible visions

you don’t know what I see

there in the dark 

all eyes glued to the screens


I’m no good

there is no turning me around

I wear your reflection

you can’t lay me down

I’m an outrageous liar 

I don’t have free will

I die all the time

but I’m living here still


i’m the wily serpent 

in the curve of the tree

I’m the maid by the water 

brings her dinner to me

I’m a king in a castle

thinks you’re not even real

the outlaw hunted 

for refusing to kneel


I’m no good

I watched the dawning of time

if you’ve read the scrolls

then you’ve heard of my kind

you don’t even know it

let me proffer a clue

when you’re looking at me

you’re only seeing you


I’m no good 

I weave a blanket of blindness

don’t you know being nice

is just incompetent kindness

I absorb your weakness 

till I make it my trend

only my victims 

will be known as my friends


i’m full of anger and lust

do you find me aloof?

your tribe has estranged me

and I’m living proof

a river of words 

marks the twists of my trail

the root of your weakness

is how deeply you care


Im no good

a rare event in the skies

your very own molten

mysterious prize

I can hypnotize nations

put em all in a trance

convince you do

when you don’t have a chance


I’m no good

I’m no good

no good