Music is life, life is love, and love hurts like hell a lot of the time. If you want to ride, then please ride like you mean it, we'll all be dead soon, no matter how you explain it, you'll never tame it, go on and name it if that makes you feel better, write it down for your self in a heart felt love letter, weep, cry, and moan the blues like Ledbetter, get fed up, grow strong, and break your own fetter, put down the umbrella, jump in and get wetter, run wild in the wind like an untrained Irish Setter, and eventually open your heart, and that room in your soul, which you guard with your life, but keep hid in a hole, till all of your dreams grow beyond your control, and burst from the skies with clouds of joy full, and your once little world is no longer so dull. 



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