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 playing at a historic hotel in DC

playing at a historic hotel in DC



Nimbus Project cutting up

The Nimbus Project

One of the most wonderful things about being a touring artist is how many amazing people I get to meet and sometimes collaborate with. These two lovely souls were a joy to work with, tour with, and perform together. Fans were really disappointed to see me returning without them by my side. It's tough when a collaboration overshadows decades of experience, struggle, and effort but collaborations like this one are completely worth it. 

tapestry at home

add some color

It is very important for those who do what I do, to have help. As a do it yourself songwriter, I am responsible for keeping up a website, generating content, booking shows, scheduling tours, taking my own photos, shooting my own video,   arranging for places to stay, and keeping in touch with a hundred people per week. Generating quality photos and audio video has been an enormous handicap in my career which I have worked very hard to improve. The fact is that a songwriter will only succeed as far as the people who surround and elevate them are able and willing to take them.

Winter Roadside tour stop Virginia countryside

Roadside Tour Stop

As a touring songwriter I spend a great deal of time driving down the road alone with my thoughts and no one to talk with. There is so much beauty that I pass. So many lifestyles and so much history reflected in the homes, forests, and fields. When I can, I like to stop and take a walk, taking in my surroundings in a deeper way. That helps me to stay grounded. 

the woodshed.JPG

The Woodshed

A place to retreat and be alone with the words and with my voice and instrument is so important. When I'm able to do this regularly, things flow better with me and I am happier. 

wields a sword.JPG

sometimes things get serious




With all the tasks required to survive full time as a performing songwriter, It is easy to get pulled away from the music. When that happens, I can soon be affected and thrown out of balance. This is not a game to me or an easy hobby although playing is exceedingly fun. I need to do this to be well. 

things are not always easy but life is wonderful

Things are not always easy but life is always worth living.

photo credit Beth Knight

I was born to share my songs. It takes a village to raise an artist. Photo credit Beth Knight

I was born to sing my songs

It truly takes a village to raise an artist but it is also a lot of hard long thankless work. Camaraderie and positive connection with other growing artists is key to survival. It can be an emotional roller coaster but the fact that I'm pursuing what I've known I wanted to do since I was four years old makes it fully worth while.