A man who has travelled, suffered, and measured the plains of experience with the hopes of tomorrow.

A man who makes music, a poet who sings, committed to health, growth, and healing, and other fine things.

A man full of courage, compassion, and love, humility, gentility, and smarts just enough. 

A man who loves children, animals, and trees, a man who loves people, mountains, and bees.

A man with no need to buy into your games, your hustle and bustle no matter the names.

A man who has witnessed, a man who has tried, a man resurrected, a man who has died.

A man who is wealthy, a man who's been poor, a man who has picked himself off the floor.

A man who's been homeless, a man who's been king, a lover, a dreamer, who knows his thing.

A man who has struggled, a man who's released, a man who has faced both angels and beast.