ManGoBe playing Ain't So Bad beside the Eno River in NC. July 2017. this is an original song I wrote years ago Copyright 2017 all rights reserved. I had noticed at the time that I had written a handful of really serious songs in a row and I wanted to write something more upbeat.


Way back in the past in a land known as 2012. The Spencer Scholes aka ManGoBe Trio filled as in often the case by Peter Joyner on drums and for one night only the super talented Ross Olinger on bass. Chapel Hill NC. heard it. It must've happened.
This song is written for anyone who resonates with the experience of growing up in a very rural environment and who leaves at a young age to pursue life in a very fast paced place. One more song in my weekly upload of one new or unreleased song to share with my friends.
This is a country blues number written and performed by ManGoBe. The lyrics are sort of about social evolution and how our valuations of our environment and ourselves often brings us into conflict with each other in absurd and terrible ways.
A musical goodbye, elements of blues, folk, and old school rock and roll, played on a Martin acoustic guitar by ManGoBe, singer/songwriter touring locally, regionally, and nationally out of Durham NC. Original song by ManGoBe.
Riddle is a poem about the shadow within us all. The part of us that is ugly and mean. The original poem I began started as an "us vs. them" theme speaking about the rich and powerful ones who are willing to poison and destroy the earth and the lives of people and any living thing in order to achieve their profits.